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And so, like the loss of the beaver, the great natural engineer of the forests, we lost the natural functions of the wetlands. If we could draw straight lines and fill-in areas to make the lands more level, we would be better off - not so! We soon learn that if we first see what we already have in nature, we will be better off in the long run - and this lesson we still continue to learn, as we attempt to:

  1. 1)Save our remaining wetlands 2) Restore to healthier wetlands that

help filter out pollution and provide our friends with clean water for health,

homes for freshwater plants and animals, in recreation for nice places to

fish, hike and camp, that protect us from severe storms, as well as our

‘saltier‘ water ocean and river water animal and plant friends!     

This site closed due to inability to sustain itself due to inability of creator to connect to others concerned about the Planet and it’s Soils, Water, Animals, Mankind, Plants & You...

Wetlands are the Planet’s ‘natural kidneys’. They process pollution from the waters! Teachers! Show your school support by visiting my SWAMPYshop and showing your school’s actions for clean water, carbon control & a sustainable Planet! ... Contact me and I will personalize your order with PhotoShop software by sending me an email to connect@swampy.org

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Invite Gary as Kent Glade or Swampy to visit your school in person to learn about clean water, Climate Care and sustainability- like this ----> example webinar with 5th graders in Arlington Texas.
Goodbye everyone! It was a long ride starting over 20 years ago! Kids, i will miss the kids most of all!
Goodbye to a dream as of July 10th, 2015. It was fun while it lasted!